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In view of the foregoing, it may be observed that grooming that cadet through the successive stages to take him to the desired goal of 5th Engineer in a ship is a complex task. Hence, in order to accomplish this goal, the management had taken the primary objectives to be achieved interwoven in the motto of the institution. Motto of the institution is (1) Cadet (2) Safety (3) Success (4) Mission.

All activities of the institution are Cadet centric. All systems and procedures established, plans and programmes initiated or reviewed will first be examined to maximize the potential of the cadets. Development of the cadet's total personality to shoulder higher responsibility as an Engineer very successfully is uppermost in the list of institutional goals. The Cadet is at the centre and facilities and infrastructure created revolves around cadets in good rhythm. Cadets carry the image and reputation of the institution to their places of work. CSSM is well known for its academic excellence since this motto 'Cadet' is put into practice both in letter and spirit.

The motto 'Safety' is not the just four mandatory safety programmes i.e., Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Emergency First Aid and Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities taught to the cadets under Phase I in the campus. The 'Safety' in the motto has a more broader and wider connotation. The institution is conscious of the fact that the cadet is 'Safe' only if he has sound character, basic disciplines required to live in an hazardous environment, emotional balance for efficient and safe discharge of duties as a Marine Engineer. The concern of well being of cadets is revealed in this motto of the institution.

'Success' in the motto is not to be viewed in a narrow sense of success in academic pursuits. The term is comprehensive and the Institution ensures that the Cadets are successful in all walks of life. The basics for this 'Success' is strongly infused in the minds of the individuals. The institution is residential. Cadets have to stay in the hostel. The institution provides an environment for cadets to achieve success in:

3.Cultural activities and Interpersonal relation.
4.Group co-operation.
5.Tolerance to temporary setbacks
6.Achieving good will of all superiors
7.Getting things done through proper choice of polite words through effective representations and so on. Success achieved by the cadet is the Success achieved by the institution.

Achieving 100% success rate in the academic performance of the cadets is one small aspect of our mission. Mission of the institution is to achieve rapid growth to expand the facilities by leaps and bounds with a strong commitment to serve the society. As the growth of marine industries and goals set forth in 11th five year plan are substantially high, our mission is to expand in academic and other related marine fields to take a fair share of growth envisaged to contribute in substantive measure to the economic commitment. The determination being so high, mission of the institution to achieve the growth in various fields of Marine Industry is a reasonable proposition.
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